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Decorative items

Workshop offers cutting plywood and furniture board for CNC machines. Milling machine allows to make decorations, words, interior decorations, lamps, plates, blanks for decoupage out of plywood and furniture board. All items can be painted or varnished.

Wonder workers invites designers, art studios and shops to joint manufacturing and sales of interior, decorative elements, and other gizmos. Files submitted in vector and raster format. E-mail for orders and predlozhdeny wonder.workers @

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On the purchase and placement of order, please contact by e-mail

Also in «Products made of plywood and solid wood»:

Screen made of plywood

Decorative screen of plywood. A joint project with the studio Hi colors.

Tiles made of plywood with a pattern

Tiles made of plywood with a printed pattern. Lacquer or acrylic. Interior solution for living quarters.