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Wood carving painting "Mir Castle"

Carving painting " Mir Castle " is made from a photograph of an architectural monument of the XVII century , located in the town of Mir, Grodno region ( Belarus). The picture is cut by the author's 3D model on the CNC machine. Product material - ash. Finishing painting is made by hand. Artistic coating - impregnation, patina, lacquer. Limited edition. Dimensions 35h300h500 mm.

Manufacturing of paintings larger or smaller. The product comes in a linen bag with Belarusian national patterns and ornaments. Carved pattern Mir Castle - a good gift for foreign visitors and partners.

Also possible to produce paintings and bas-reliefs carved on your photos and sketches. To calculate the cost of the product , please write a letter indicating the size of the picture ( bas ) and attach a photo.

Workshop wonder workers offers products for 3D modeling, CNC milling machine . Orders for carvings made by e-mail From Monday to Saturday from 9.00 to 21.00. On Sundays and public holidays workshop does not work.


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