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Wooden constructions in oak for the store "Vitalur"

Workshop wonder workers produced decorative designs out of oak with oak barrels in the fish department store "Vitalur." Wooden constructions were made by customer's design. Material goods: solid oak. Lacquer. 530 mm diameter drums. Overall dimensions of the construction of 70 centimeters to 4 meters. Project completed under the key. Products from the drawing to its installation.

Carpentry of wood perfectly suited to any interior, whether it is a bar, restaurant or shop. Wood retains heat for a long time, this Nature, and to this day is the most natural and environmentally friendly material used in interior and exterior decoration of buildings and premises. Workshop wonder workers offers woodcarving. Wood products can be supplemented with carved elements or perform thread directly into the tree.

Wonder workers workshop offers the manufacture of decorative designs of wood hardwood, softwood and exotic woods. To order products from solid wood and plywood, please contact by e-mail wonder.workers @

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