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Wooden structure of pine. Canopy out of wood to the store "Vitalur"

Wooden structure of pine. Made to order ODO " Vitalur " for stores in Soligorsk and store on the street. Shpileuski , the city of Minsk . Coverage - varnish . Overall length of 18.5 meters of wood . The work carried out under the key from the development of the sketch and drawing to installation.

Products made of wood perfectly adorn the interiors of shops, bars and cafes. Wood - it is a natural and environmentally friendly material given to us by Nature . Workshop wonder workers engaged in manufacturing lumber and wood carvings . In stock always available technical drying of coniferous wood , hardwood and exotic wood.

Wonder workers workshop offers the manufacture of decorative wooden structures for shops and supermarkets. An integrated approach to work , from drawing to installation of finished wood products . If you want to buy or to order wood products, please contact us. please feel free to e-mail wonder.workers @ The letter attach a drawing or sketch of the necessary wood products , their size and number . The workshop is open Monday to Saturday. Opening hours from 9.00 to 21.00.

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